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At Trinity Catholic College we offer a range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses on site and we can also offer Externally-delivered VET (EVET) courses from external providers. VET courses provide students with HSC qualifications, National Vocational Certificates, employability skills and experience in the workplace.

A number of the VET courses offered at Trinity are “Framework” courses that have an HSC exam, one of the framework courses may be included in ATAR calculations

VET Framework courses at Trinity include:

  •  Business Services

This course provides students with national vocational qualifications for employment in the business services industry Skills are developed in office administration, business communication use of business technology and work practices that are transferable to other industries. Business Services is the first step to take to see if the world of business is for you.

  •  Entertainment Industry

Anyone interested in back stage work in the theatre, at concerts or shows will find this the ideal course. It offers all the basics of stage work, lighting and audio, plus students also earn their white card and first aid certificate. Work placement provides opportunities to make contacts in the industry and helps make informed decisions about future careers.

  • Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)

Kitchen operations provides students with the opportunity to earn national vocational qualifications for the hospitality industry. Students learn to work in a commercial kitchen environment, developing hospitality skills in commercial cookery: preparation, handling and presentation of food, customer service skills, hygiene and safety procedures. These can translate into numerous areas in hospitality such as, housekeeping, kitchen management, or restaurant management

  • Information Digital media and Technology

IDT provides students with national vocational qualifications in general computing that will allow students to find out what the information technology environment is like. The course introduces students to ICT technical functions and assists students to develop confidence as an advanced ICT user. This course is the first step in a career in computer technical and operational support.

  • Retail Services

In Retail Services students learn skills that can translate into many different industries. Customer service, visual marketing, making sales, maintaining the work environment and handling cash are just some of the areas covered. Students earn national vocational qualifications that can be built upon post-school and be the ground work for an exciting career in one of the world’s biggest industries.

VET Content Endorses Courses do not have an HSC exam at Trinity we offer

  • Sport Coaching

This course is the ideal first step if you have plans to be a coach for an Australian or international team in international competitions, such as the Olympic games. It will also provide the skills to coach a younger sibling’s sporting team or any team in between. Students learn about health and safety in the sporting arena and will earn their first aid and CPR certificates. Students will develop a range of technical, vocational and interpersonal competencies that are useful in many different areas and industries

EVET courses

These are VET courses offered by external providers like Trade Training Centres or TAFE. Students may apply to do an EVET course, usually half a day per week at the external provider’s location, and have the cost subsidised. These courses allow students at Trinity to select from a much wider range of VET subjects.

Framework Courses offered as EVET include

Automotive, Construction, Electrotechnology, Financial Services, Human Services, Tourism, Travel and Events.

Content Endorsed Courses offered as EVET include

Animal Studies, Beauty Services, Design Fundamentals, Early Childhood Education and Care, Floristry, Music Industry, Furniture Making, Plumbing, Property Services (real estate).

School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBAT)

SBAT is a way to get a head start on your apprenticeship or traineeship while completing your HSC. Students must find an employer who will offer them an apprenticeship through SBAT. Students attend Trinity as full time students, they study the VET course for their apprenticeship or traineeship usually as an EVET and they spend one day a week in the workplace. At the end of year 12 students have completed their HSC, the theory and practical for the first year of their apprenticeship (Certificate II) and have a job to go to starting their second year.