Our community is committed to excellence in learning and teaching in our contemporary world, and our consistently strong academic results speak for themselves. Our Principles of Learning and Teaching capture our belief that quality student learning is motivating, deep, communal and contextualised. It is our intention that our students are hopeful, engaged, resourceful and disciplined. It is these aims that inform our daily work.

These principles were determined by a process of consultation that involved all stakeholders, including staff, students, and parents.

This process identified that effective learning is:

  • Motivating – So that students want to learn and are excited about learning and motivated by their learning.
  • Deep – Learning is extensive and long-term, ensuring breadth and depth of knowledge is sound.
  • Communal – Students at Trinity value their learning together and support each other to achieve their best.
  • Contextual – Students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in the wider world, ensuring that they can make a positive contribution to society.

The process also identified the ideal student as:

  • Hopeful – filled with optimism and faithfulness.
  • Engaged – in their studies and the wider community.
  • Resourceful – in their approach to study, and college involvement.
  • Disciplined – in their desire to achieve their personal best.

These principles of learning and teaching underpin everything that takes place in the classrooms of Trinity Catholic College. They guide teachers to ensure the content they present, and how they present it, fully engages each student. These principles also guide students, helping them maximise their learning opportunities at Trinity Catholic College.