Trinity Catholic College offers a broad range of courses and our curriculum is student-centred, dynamic, intellectually challenging and diverse in order to respond to student needs.

Trinity promotes a commitment to personal excellence, a love of learning and the pursuit of knowledge. Excellence requires the commitment of the student, the support of parents, the dedication of teaching staff and a disciplined, structured school environment.

An extended learning program is offered for students with special talents, as well as specific support for those in need. General and Vocational Pathways are offered in Years 11 and 12, providing a wide range of course choices. Students are well prepared for University, TAFE, and other tertiary options, and also for employment.  

Programs in all courses aim to:

  • Foster the development of Catholic beliefs, values, practices, and traditions.
  • Provide experiences which develop literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop skills in using contemporary technologies.
  • Provide for individual student differences, so that all students experience success and can achieve their full potential.
  • Conform to learning objectives, assessment strategies and outcomes as set out in the curriculum.

Courses Offered by Stage

Year 7 /Year 8 (Stage 4)

Year 9 /Year 10 (Stage 5)

Year 11 / Year 12 (Stage 6)