A Marist School

Genuinely Catholic and Proudly Marist

Trinity Catholic College
 is part of the Australian network of Marist schools and has been characterised by a specific Marist spirit, charism and tradition, showing:

  • A devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus
  • A school climate based on the family spirit
  • A love of work
  • A strong sense of the presence of God and of our own presence to one another
  • An emphasis on simplicity
  • A commitment to empower young people, and to give ordinary students from ordinary families a better chance in life.

Our Charism

The Marist Brothers have been associated with education at Auburn since 1942. When Trinity Catholic College commenced in 1995, a Marist Brother was appointed Principal and an onsite community of Brothers ministered to the school.

The College is part of the Australian Network of Marist Schools with its staff and students participating in a number of Marist sponsored activities.

Game Changers

Game Changers is a dynamic and vibrant Marist youth ministry program currently running at Trinity that aims to inspire young people to live out the values of the Gospel. Game Changers is a unique opportunity for students in year 10 to 12 that seeks to form Christian leaders who are prepared to stand in solidarity with those experiencing disadvantage and injustice, and who are motivated to take action. The Game Changes program connects students with our Marist traditions and looks to Saint Marcellin Champagnat as a model navigator who embraced in his life the values of Jesus, which we are called to actively live out each day.

Game Changers is a very practical and ‘hands on’ ministry opportunity for students at the College. In Game Changers students are encouraged to discover who they are and the type of person they wish to be.

Game Changers is passionately creating young Christian leaders who make a difference in our community.

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