BYODD stands for Bring Your Own Designated Device. BYODD allows students to bring their own designated personal technology device into the classroom. Bringing an approved device to school every day is a condition of enrolment at Trinity Catholic College.

The main advantage of BYODD is that teachers, parents and students can be assured that they are equipped with technology that has the capability, performance and reliability that matches the high standards at Trinity. The BYODD program will not only provide students with access to expanded global resources and content, but will also give students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and facilitate creative problem solving.

We require that each student has an Apple MacBook Air (of any screen size, with either 128BG or 256GB storage) as the designated device to be used for learning at the College. This has been chosen based on its proven reliability, compatibility and excellent performance of these laptops in schools. We originally specified the 11-inch Apple MacBook Air, however, this product has recently been made obsolete by Apple, hence the College has made the decision to allow Apple MacBooks of any screen size.

We need to ensure that the device is capable of doing what our teachers and students need it to. Having a standard device across the College helps prevent disruptions to learning resulting from failures or incompatibilities due to equipment that is too old, slow or lacks the necessary components.

The actual price of these devices fluctuates with changes in exchange rates. Hence, at this early stage, it is difficult to say exactly how much the device will be. However, we anticipate the cost of the device (with the 3 year AppleCare ‘on-site’ warranty) to be between $1600 to $1750. This is based on the current pricing structure.


Families are free to choose where they purchase the device. Sydney Catholic Schools provide a BYODD purchase portal, which has been established by JB-HiFi and MAC1 on behalf of Sydney Catholic Schools.

The portal can be found at this address; On the bottom of the page, click on the link for the Apple products. When you enter this Apple area, there are two vendors listed to sell Apple products, JBHI-FI and MAC1. The code to enter the JBHI-FI section is; Sydneycs2016. To enter the MAC1 area, you just select Trinity Catholic College from the list of schools.

Alternatively, parents may wish to purchase directly from Apple, either through their online store, or one of their physical shop fronts.

Please note that we strongly encourage all families to include the AppleCare 3 Year warranty when purchasing their child’s device. Hence, please ensure that you check that this is included within your bundle when comparing prices and when purchasing the device.

Devices that have an AppleCare 3 Year Warranty can be repaired on-site at the College, with minimal delay. Devices purchased elsewhere usually have a standard ‘back to base’ warranty, which means the laptop may need to be sent interstate to have it repaired.

Families can source a laptop from any chosen supplier. Other suppliers include Computers Now (

However, please be aware that many sellers do not automatically supply the 3 year AppleCare warranty with the devices. Therefore, while the advertised price may be initially attractive, the true cost may be significantly higher once a 3-year warranty is purchased.

Furthermore, many suppliers only offer ‘back to base’ warranty. This may mean that the laptop may need to be sent interstate in order to have it fixed. This would be a significant interruption to your child’s education.

By purchasing through the SCS Portal system, you will be ensured that the laptop is of the correct type and model, and has the correct operating specifications.

Trinity families have been paying for laptop leasing for a number of years now. The SCS portal outlines the purchasing options that will be available to parents and carers. In cases of financial hardship, families can also apply to the College for financial support to assist in the provision of a designated laptop by contacting the College Business Manager.  For further information on pricing please visit the SCS portal once your enrolment has been accepted.

Your son/daughter will have local administrator rights to their device and will, therefore, be able to download and install any program or files they choose. However, all access to Internet resources, email, copyright, etc on BYODD devices is governed by the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) ICT Student Acceptable Use Policy.

As of 2017, Year 7 and Year 10 will be entering the BYODD program. By 2019, all year groups will be working under a BYODD model. The BYODD model is one which the vast majority of Sydney systemic Catholic schools are entering into by the start of 2017.

The College ICT team is working very hard to design systems and infrastructure to prevent the need for families to purchase extra software. However, in some Key Learning Areas, the need may arise where specific software needs to be purchased. Our aim is to minimise all costs for families where possible.

If the device has the 3 year AppleCare Warranty, the device can be repaired by an Apple Technician during schools hours, and on College grounds.
NOTE: The College is simply providing a workspace for the computer to be repaired. The College is not involved in any part of the repair process. We have an Apple Technician on-site on most days, however, these technicians are not employed by the school, they are employed by an outside company. Any extra costs that may be incurred, will need to be paid to this outside repairer.

If the laptop does not have this level of cover, the device may need to be sent interstate to have the device repaired.

The College ICT Support Officers are not permitted to repair any BYODD laptop. However, they are permitted to assist students in connecting to the College Wi-Fi network. They can also assist by helping the students determine whether the device needs to be repaired through the warranty. If a device that has no warranty needs repair, they can supply a list of repairers who will be able to fix it, however, no recommendations can be made.